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This bond of indemnity is made at_______on this______day at ____________________, 


_______________Indian Inhabitant, residing at _________________________(hereinafter called as "OBLIGOR") 

______________________________by its Chairman/Secretary, a co-op housing society registered as under M.C.S.Act, 1960 (hereinafter called as "OBLIGEE") 

WHEREAS the obligee is a Co-op Housing society registered under the M.C.S. Act, 1960 and is registered as tenant co-operative housing society; 

ANDWHEREAS the society has its registered bye-laws duly approved by the Registrar, Co-Op. Societies and is an obligation on each allottee member/flat holder/apartment/shop holder to obtain prior permission for effecting the transfer in favour of any other person than the member/purchaser; 

AND WHEREAS the obligor by an agreement dt.______ has intended to purchase the flat bearing no._____which is situated in obligee co-op housing society comprising of_____rooms form shri/smt.______________who was holding the flat no._________. 

WHEREAS the obligor for the purpose of validating the transfer approached the society and society after initially exchanging the correspondence in the matter came to the conclusion by considering its proposal in the Managing Committee to recognise the said agreement for effecting the transfer and called the obligor to execute the indemnity bond for the transfer. As such the obligor is executing the said bond of indemnity so as to indemnify the obligee against any claims or demands whatsoever made in respect of the said _______rooms, in________(address) which is adjacent to __________ premises owned and possessed by the obligor. Are executing the said bond of indemnify so as to indemnify the obligee against any claims or demands whatsoever made in respect of the said two rooms, in_____ adjacent to shopping premises owned and possessed by the obligor.


 That the said obligor their heirs, executors or administrators, assigns shall from time to time and at all times hereinafter keep indemnified the said obligee their office bearers from and against all actions, losses, charges, expenses, claims and demands whatsoever in respect of the said premises comprising of ______rooms on the obligee validating the transfer of the above mentioned premises.

 IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we the obligor have hereunto set and subscribed their respective hands and seals the day and year first hereinabove written.

 Signed, sealed and delivered

By the abovenamed:-