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On the global foot print


Three Indian projects make their way into the top 100 infrastructure projects

KPMG"s Global Infrastructure practice unveiled the Infrastructure 100 - a showcase of the most interesting infrastructure projects from around the world.The report showcases a hundred examples of the great projects that are at different stages of development across the world.
A distinguished group of judges from different infrastructure sectors participated to help select the 100 projects highlighting infrastructure sectors.
From India,the three projects that have made their mark are KG-D 6,Mundra and IGI respectively.India"s KG-D 6 project not only sets new standards in integrated gas infrastructure projects but it also launches an innovated approach to the sale and transportation of energy,helping to accelerate India"s economic growth.The 4,000 MW Mundra Plant,one of the nine Ultra Mega Power Projects,uses unfashionable coal,making it the most energy efficient plants vital to India"s continuing economic development.The IGI Airport Expansion at New Delhi was upgraded and modernised while still functioning,delivering a world-class facility,which is also being turned around in record time.
The judges were consistently impressed by the ambition which these projects demonstrate in scale,feasibility,complexity,innovation and impact on society despite huge engineering challenges.
Nick Chism,Global Head of Infrastructure at KPMG said: "Infrastructure development is one of the great global challenges of our time.The idea of the Infrastructure 100 is to showcase some of the exciting projects that are underway around the world to address this challenge.These are ambitious,yet essential projects."
Further,commenting on the development in the Indian Infrastructure landscape,Manish Agarwal,Executive Director,Advisory Services at KPMG,India said "Financing and building infrastructure is a global challenge today,with notable innovations in different parts of the world.I expect this Infrastructure 100 Project Report to showcase further experience sharing.We are already seeing the Indian infrastructure developers becoming a part of the global infrastructure community."